Panache is a 50ft Voyage Catamaran.  She is 28ft wide and has a draft of 4ft.  She is an Owner Version built Catamaran and was built in 2010 as a Blue Water Cruiser.  She is an international designed boat built in South Africa to withstand the harsh conditions of the Indian Ocean and Oceans of the world.  She has won numerous awards for safety, good design and as a fast cruiser.

Meet the Crew


Host: Brett Chapman
Captain: Gideon Coetzee

Both Gideon and Brett have done extensive sailing. Their sailing careers began 30 years ago on the east coast of Africa on their first boat, a catamaran called Privilege.

Having cut their teeth in what is known as the most difficult sailing ocean in the world, the Mozambique channel and having wonderful experiences of uninhabited beautiful islands of Mozambique and Tanzania, Gideon and Brett decided to sell their business and go cruising. They bought Panache and headed into a life filled with thrills and adventure.



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