George Town is a quaint little town that consists of many small businesses, there is a Scotia bank, a large supermarket, dive shops, laundry, meat market, restaurants and open air markets.  There is a vibe in George Town that you don’t want to miss.

You will board Panache here in George Town, spend a day acquainting yourself on the festive Chat and Chill beach, where you can relax, play volley ball, or eat at the small bar,  eat freshly chopped conch salad  from the islanders or swim in the blue water before Panache weighs anchor and sets off on your exciting island exploration.


After sailing up through very shallow channels and skimming ragged islands of the Pimlico Cays, Panache will nestle into a cosy bay on David Copperfields Island, Prime Cay.  Here you can dive on a grand piano, with a Mermaid lying next to the piano chair. The piano and mermaid are in life scale size. It is said that David had the mermaid sculptured in the exact likeness of his girlfriend, whom he loved very much. Take note of her face and how pretty she is. The piano plays host to many small reef fish.  This is a beautiful somber  scene not to be missed.

Mermaids of the Deep


Lee Stocking Island has recently been bought by Paris Hilton, who is rebuilding the island after it had been a Marine Research Station. Snorkelling here, you are likely to find many old relics left behind lying idle under the water. Look out for the enormous Rays in the area

Staniel Cay

Staniel Cay is another stop, where you can feed the famous swimming pics.  Here too is Thunderball Cave where the well known 007 movie was made Thunderball.  Remember to bring an underwater camera!



Frequently Asked Questions

Panache is a Voyage Catamaran and she is 50ft long and 28ft wide. She draws 4ft of water
There is a water maker on board that makes 60gallons an hour of pure fresh drinking water. That's a lot of water!
Yes its an ideal place to watch the world go by
Yes there is a shower on the back steps with hot and cold water for rinsing off.
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