Do you make water on-board and how much per day?

  • Yes, we make pure, fresh drinking and bathing water on-board. When we run the generator, we can make up to 66 gallons per hour.

How big is the Catamaran, Panache?

  • 50 foot long and 28 foot wide, drawing 4 foot of water below

Will we have access to our own bathroom and toilet?

  • Yes, you will have access to your own private bathroom, including a toilet, shower and vanity for each cabin.

Should we bring our own masks and fins for snorkeling?

  • Yes, for your own comfort you should bring your own snorkeling equipment. However, we have backups on-board.

Do we need to worry about Meals and Drinks?

  • No, we provision the boat with every meal.

Are there any additional things we should know?

  • Panache is a adults only chartering service.
  • We do not allow pets on-board.